By Sylvie Lister

Staff Writer

Inclusive Activities to Inclusive Students

At 3:05, the buses leave– with or without you. In Virginia, the earliest that a student can earn a driver's license is 16 years of age and 3 months; therefore, driving themselves is not an option for many people. A large percentage of Falls Church students rely on the transportation of FCPS. Luckily, Falls Church offers many after-school activities. If you miss the bus, you can make the most of it by staying for a club or study hall.

The list of extracurriculars at Falls Church is extremely vast. Many students have started their own clubs to appeal to a certain group of students at Falls Church. Being active in the FC community creates new opportunities to learn and meet new people.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or FCA, is a new club this year. It’s for anyone and starts right after school, meeting every other Tuesday. Constance Tucholski (11), one of the leaders says, “I love Jesus and FCA is a chance to express how lucky we are as a community. ” The club is about devotion and the Christian Bible.

Falls Church also offers many student unions for different ethnicities. These organizations are open for anyone to join, regardless of ethnic background, if you are interested in learning about different cultures. I went to a Black Student Union meeting, where they talked about important life guidance. Their guest speaker spoke about how to find the right college that could be best for you, as well as ways to receive scholarships to help pay towards college. Even though I’m a freshman, it was eye-opening to hear what upperclassmen are doing during college application season, as well as preparing myself for what my college search may be like.

There are so many after-school extracurriculars from clubs to Leadership to sports. Students are so lucky to have our teachers and coaches who are willing to stay after school and be with us. “If you go home, you might not have anything to do,” says Simon Hurley (9), “so you should consider an activity, club, or sport. After school curriculars is a great way to meet new people and connect with the community.”