Car of the Month: Quinn Donovan’s 2015 Toyota Prius V

By Joseph Kratz, Editor-in-Chief

Early in the crisp, winter morning, the glossy, grey finish of Quinn Donovan’s (11) 2015 Toyota Prius V — affectionately named Helga — immediately evokes images of the greatest peaks, valleys, walls, and canyons of the American Rocky Mountains. One cannot help but picture the car driving through the Yosemite National Park Loop road, set against the immense beauty of one of America’s greatest, most historic climbing walls: El Capitan.

No longer does Quinn Donovan need to sit amongst his friends and peers in the gym lobby after school and lacrosse practice. He has now been blessed with the opportunity to transport himself —  and any other people whom the law allows — to and from school, restaurants, and homes in the surrounding neighborhood.

Bestowed upon him following his family’s purchase of an additional vehicle, Quinn revels in the car’s near-silent hybrid engine, unparalleled miles per gallon, and uncanny ability to always be as cold as the dickens every morning. While he does prefer driving his parents’ large SUV, the freedom offered by being the primary driver of the Prius far outweighs the minor inconvenience it presents.

With the great power of having his own car, Quinn is beset with great responsibilities as well. One such daily obligation is the safe, timely transportation of his younger sister, Keely Donovan (9), to school before class begins every morning. The Prius is a benefit in this respect because the chaos of the student parking lot in the morning is abated by the ease with which the 2015 Prius V parks.

Quinn takes great pride in his car and its uncanny ability to protect the environment in little ways: the car stops the engine when it is stopped at lights and utilizes Toyota’s hybrid engine to limit its carbon footprint. The conversations he has with friends, especially one he described in an IHOP parking lot late in the evening, illustrates his manifest appreciation of Helga’s environmentally conscious build.

Quinn has plans for his car: multi-day trips across the continental United States, the time-honored senior tradition of the Philly Cheesesteak Challenge; and — against his father’s wishes — bright red racing stripes.