Car of the Month: Hope Ollivant’s 1994 Toyota Corolla

By Natalie Ingalls, Layout & Design Editor

There is no stronger bond than the one that exists between a girl and her car. This connection can be seen between Hope Ollivant (12) and her beloved baby blue 1994 Toyota Corolla, which she affectionately refers to as Luna.

It was luck that brought Hope to Luna, who was put up for sale on a neighborhood app. Hope had been in the market for a car of her own after getting her license last June. By saving up her money, she was able to purchase Luna from a neighbor for a cool $1000. A mechanic helped fix her up initially, but that wouldn’t be Luna’s last time at the auto shop.

As Luna is an older car, she’s had her fair share of problems. “I’ve taken her to the shop like three times since I got her,” said Hope. “I literally just picked her up from the mechanic Monday.”

However, the car boasts great air conditioning and rustic features, such as moon hubcaps. While Hope thinks these aspects of her car are cute, they can be a little inconvenient. “I have to play my music on one of those cassette tape things,” she said. Although some things are unchangeable, she’s personalized the car with a pair of pink dice that hang from her rear view mirror.

With the freedom of a car comes certain obligations. Hope is responsible for bringing younger siblings Henry Ollivant (9) and Grace Ollivant (11) to school every day. “On time, might I add,” said Hope.

When not going to school, Hope is usually heading to work or hanging out with friends, who call her car a  “trapmobile.” She also makes sure to cherish her alone time with Luna. “In general,” she said, “I just love driving by myself and feeling like I can go anywhere.”

Each moment Hope spends with Luna is bittersweet, as it could potentially be their last together. Initially, Hope drove Luna as often as she could, but then realized it probably wasn’t the best idea to tire out the old car. “Okay, she’s kinda dying,” Hope remembers thinking. “I need to slow my roll.”

For now though, she tries to drive Luna only when she needs to, in an attempt to extend her life. “Hopefully, I can get her through the summer,” she said. “Alas, she might not last.”