Car of the Month: Eddy Benitez’s 2007 Toyota Corolla

By Casey Scheuerman, Online and Social Media Editor

After a sweaty, vigorous lacrosse practice, Eddy Benitez (12) hops into his luxury 2007 Toyota Corolla, known as Cory. As he starts his monstrous 126 horsepower engine, he turns on his touchscreen radio that he fitted himself.

Some of Eddy’s favorite aspects of Cory are the broken cup holders, the aux cord, and the windshield wipers that only work on occasion. Eddy's girlfriend, on the other hand, is not as fond of Cory. "She likes her car so much more," Eddy said.

Every day he has a scenic 10 minute commute to school carrying his sister, along with his lacrosse gear. Eddy purchased Cory from a long-lost cousin that he met for the first time when he was buying his car and has managed to rack up 130,000 miles, without any major mechanical issues.

In addition to the daily duties of a student’s car, Cory holds some of Eddy's fondest memories. “One time after football practice,” he said, “We wanted to go to McDonalds and we fit 10 people in my car.”

“Another time,” he said, “I was parking next to a softball field and I accidentally left my headlights on, pointing straight at the batter. Next thing I knew, an army of parents were coming towards me, so I drove away as fast as possible.”

Cory hasn’t been the best influence on Eddy’s career, though. On the way to a job interview at Tropical Smoothie, Eddy was pulled over due to a broken headlight. As the cop car pulled away, he looked up to realize that he was stopped right in front of the very establishment where he was supposed to interview! Unfortunately, he did not get hired.

“I try not to blame Cory for not getting the job,” he said. “I like to think it was because I wasn’t in any way qualified for the position.”