Coach Keimig Shoots for Success in First Season

By Casey Scheuerman, Social Media Editor

Since making his first shot at the age of six, Coach Joe Keimig’s life has revolved around basketball.  

As the new boys varsity basketball head coach, he is developing a more structured plan for the team, which includes more practices, more strenuous weight room sessions, and more accountability for the athletes.

“The players who don’t live up to my standards or don’t hold themselves accountable, won’t be playing on the team,” he said.

Coach Keimig has developed his plans by using strategies he learned from his prior coaching experience at Tuscarora High School in Loudoun County and Urbana High School in Frederick County, Md.

While not coaching on the court, he makes sure the players are mentally prepared for their next game with a positive attitude.  

“He really wants to win and his strong belief in us as players has boosted my confidence, making me and my teammates better overall,” said point guard Caleb Botts (11).

With the team at 5-11, and all of the losses being within 10 points, Coach Keimig remains optimistic. “With a little more practice,” he said, “we could definitely have a chance at being competitive in tournaments.”

Center Derman Whitney (10) has seen positive changes under Coach Keimig. “He’s turned the entire program around,” said Derman. “We’re working together a lot more and coming together as a real team. I believe we have what it takes to go far in the season and win.”