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Coach Krause Is a Runner’s Runner

By Joel Dewolfe, Staff Writer

Coach Robert Krause was a stellar high school athlete and competed in the NCAA’s first division. He attended Connequet High School, in Long Island, New York. There, he was a 12-time winner of his league, four-time county champion, and two-time all state athlete. He is now the Assistant Director of Student Activities, a 9th grade Health and PE teacher, and the head coach of both the track and cross country teams.

Coach Krause received inspiration from his uncle, an All-American runner at William & Mary. As a child, he would go to his uncle’s meets to watch him race, and from a young age, Coach ran local fun runs. “What drew me into running was the purity of the sport,” he said, “Two people get on the line, they race each other, and you know who’s the best.” So in the spring of his freshman year, he ran track instead of trying out for the baseball team.

Over his high school years, he practiced diligently and developed into a top-level runner. All his hard work and dedication paid off his junior year of high school, when he started receiving letters from college coaches across the nation offering him a spot on their team. His final decision was George Mason, which gave him a full tuition scholarship and a chance to compete against some of the fastest runners in the nation.

While there, he competed in countless races. But if there is one race he will never forget, it was at the Penn Relays, one of the biggest track invitationals in the world. He competed in the 10K, finishing in an astounding 30 minutes and 32 seconds, which averages out to 4:54 per mile. After Coach Krause finished his collegiate career as a runner, he decided he wanted to help others achieve what he had.

Finn Kelleher (9) has already felt his impact: “He really pushes me to work hard to become a better runner."