Coffee House Is Brewing

By Ashley Rodriguez, Culture Editor

“Find it, bring it, read it, share it.” From the indistinct chatter of conversations, to the snaps for the poets or the claps for the singers, angelic melodies filled the cafeteria on Friday May 10th.

For about 15 years, Coffee House has been an annual acoustic event where students perform songs or spoken word. “It has lasted for so long because its gives students not normally in the school performing arts the chance to be heard,” says Co-Sponsor Mrs. Napoliello.

At this year’s Coffee House, students, teachers, and families came out to support talented singers, musicians, and poets. For the small price of just $5, attendees enjoyed a variety of cakes, unlimited coffee, and downright good music.

Many of the songs performed at the event were stripped-down, acoustic renditions that allowed artists to completely bare their hearts and souls. Dong Kim (11)’s cover of  “Painkiller” by Reul, and Casey Nguyen (12)’s cover of “I Love You” by Billie Eilish were raw performances that left the audience spellbound.

As performers waited for their turn to go up onstage, some dealt with overcoming anxiety and calming their nerves. Grace Molinaro (12) performed two original poems, “The Shadow on the Hill” and “Queen”. “I told myself to just have fun,” said Grace. “I thought about the poems and the feelings I wanted to convey and focused on the words and the meaning.”

In the end, Coffee House’s laid-back, easy-going vibe is truly what made it a very relaxing Friday night. Madeline Wendrowski (10), who performed “Come out and Play” by Billie Eilish changed her song choice just three days before the show so that it would complement the nonchalant atmosphere of Coffee House. “I’m used to belting songs which are usually pretty emotional, but I felt like Coffee House had more of a chill vibe,” said Madeline.

The night was filled with both music and laughter, courtesy of the knock-knock jokes of this year’s emcees, Omar Zamora (12) and Vincent Vu (12). “Most of the jokes came out of a joke book. I don’t really like jokes that are super corny, but tradition is tradition,” said Omar.

Coffee House allowed for artists, poets, and musicians to express themselves in unique ways. Jerry Achtermann (11) received a standing ovation for his enticing, original piano performance. “I improvised most of the piece to try to get this exciting effect of building towards something, even with only one instrument.” said Jerry. In capturing the feeling of excitement that music creates, all performers brought to life the words of Mrs. Napoliello: “Be your own voice, whoever that may be.”