Geese Pose Fowl Annoyance

By Diego Rivera, Staff Writer


The sound rings out across the school campus, infiltrating classrooms and echoing across athletic fields.

Many students and staff have grown accustomed to this noise as Canadian Geese have set up camp on school grounds for mating season which, according to, starts early March and ends late April

Geese are defensive animals and will not hesitate to make a racket or attack if their family is threatened. This causes issues as they constantly make noise and defend their territory from unfamiliar creatures. “These Geese always find the wrong time to interrupt,” said Esteban Alfaro (10). “Every time the teacher is going to say something interesting, they start making noise.”

While the Geese constantly annoy students by making noise, they also disturb student-athletes during their practice sessions. “It makes it very unsafe for the players and the environment,” said Varsity Baseball Coach Christopher Nolan.We are always on the lookout for any new geese in the area and any droppings left. We spend a lot of time cleaning up and trying new ways to stop them.

The school has taken some action to address this problem; fake owls have been deployed outside the baseball field to scare the geese away. “Yes (the owls are helping) but the key is to get them high enough and in the path most geese take,” said Coach Nolan. “They need to be 15-20’ above the fence and we are limited in how we can do this because we can’t impact the field area.”

The teachers are also affected by the Geese “It’s pretty much every day,” said Ms. Aimee Cutini. “A few weeks ago, it sounded like they were having a wrestling match and my students are constantly asking what is going on because they are very distracting.”

The courtyard has become one of the main attractions for the Geese, nests are constantly found and removed. “The last two years I was in 102,” said Ms. Cutini. “They were out in the courtyard and had a nest they were trying to protect, so they would fight with each other and anytime we went to the window, they would squawk.”