High School or Pajama Party?

By Grace Wood, Staff Writer

As fall comes to an end and winter approaches, more and more students are wearing pajamas to school. It’s hard to walk down a hallway without spotting some type of colorful sleepwear. Sweatpants and yoga pants have been in style for a long time, but is wearing pajamas to school too far? Students and faculty are divided.

Christian Gutierrez (12) is one of the leaders of this new trend. “They’re loose and comfy,” he explains. Christian first started wearing pajamas to school last year, when he got his “first fresh pair of PJ’s.” Now, he wears pajamas to school at least three times a week. So how does he respond to the claim that it makes students sleepier in class? “[That’s] not true at all. Something on your legs isn’t gonna make you fall asleep.” Kay Lambert (9) agrees, saying that pajamas are fun and fashionable. “In middle school, I got yelled at by my 7th grade principal when I wore them, so I’m so glad people wear them in high school.”

Jack Gillis (12) has a different opinion. “It’s just people being lazy, really,” he says. Jack believes looking presentable should be a basic part of everyone’s day. “They’re choosing comfort over respect.”  English teacher Ms. Megan McCabe, also disapproves. In addition to noticing kids being sleepier in her classroom, Ms Mac adds another point against PJs. “It contributes to society thinking this generation is lazy.” She believes that since high school prepares students for their futures, they should put effort into looking presentable.

Mr. Andrew Zlatnik, a German and Spanish teacher, takes a neutral stance. While he agrees it may promote laziness in the classroom, he’s looking at the bigger picture: “As long as kids are comfortable and staying awake, it’s okay with me.”