By: Grace Wood

Copy Editor

Celebrating 28 Years of Heritage

The 28th annual Heritage Night owes its existence to Paul Watlington, a former ESOL teacher. In 1990, Watlington asked Principal Harry Holsinger if the students could put on a celebration highlighting the school’s diversity. Once approved, they enlisted the help of Helen Laviolette, teacher and founder of the Leadership class.

Since then, Heritage Night has transformed into one of the largest events of the year.

“As soon as Hoco ends, we start planning Heritage Night,” says Madelyn Vasquez (12), one of the Talent Show Coordinators, indicating the immense planning involved.

Although other high schools put on similar festivities, Falls Church offers a unique take. Students and faculty represent heritages from over 85 countries, speaking more than 45 languages. “FC does heritage like no one else, ” says Adam Ashley (11), one of the leaders behind the show.

Leadership teacher Molly Sherman has been overseeing the planning and preparations for four years in a row. This year’s show had many new additions including our custodians participating in the Fashion Show. It also marked a new attendance record with over 750 people.

“The chaos of it all has been very stressful,” says Ms. Sherman. “But its all worth it in the end.”