Jaguars to Tackle Region 6C

By Grace Wood & Abby Gagermeier, Copy Editor and Feature Editor

“We’re moving up a region?” says Michelle Rodriguez (12). “We don’t stand a chance.”

The Virginia High School League (VHSL) has reclassified our sports program to region 6C based purely on school population size. And, like Michelle, students are questioning how the move in classification will affect our sports teams.

Starting next fall, the Jaguars will be pitted against a handful of new competitors including Lake Braddock, Hayfield, Woodson, and T.C. Williams. The concern is that these larger schools, some with student populations almost twice ours, may have a better chance at putting together a winning team.

Fortunately, joining 6C will only affect the regional playoffs; regular season games and district championships will not change. This means that we’ll continue to compete against our normal district opponents Marshall, Wakefield, Lee, Edison, and TJ, along with our infamous rival, the Justice Wolves.

Some coaches believe the new classification will be good for their teams. “Because these schools are closer to us, they’re diverse like us,” says football coach Said Aziz. “It improves the matchups and gives us a better shot at playoffs.”

Individual sports may also benefit. “A fast kid is a fast kid at any school,” says pole vault coach Jared Gillis. With many talented athletes, the Jags can remain hopeful for the upcoming season.

“With the new region,” says tennis coach Ryan Kenna, “we will rise to the challenge.”