Juuling has become a national crisis over this 2018-2019 school year. Editor-in-chief Joseph Kratz spoke to Assistant Principal Colleen Lally via e-mail to understand the impact of Juuling and vaping on the school. Our personal opinion: pass the boof.

  1. When did the administration become aware of the prevalence of Juuling in the student population?
    • Last year Fairfax County Public Schools noticed a significant increase in usage by teens (along with the nationwide attention it started getting). The administrative team became aware last year that this was a concern not only in the district but throughout a significant number of high schools in the United States.
  2. Where there any measures taken by the administration to limit the prevalence of Juuling in the student population?
    • The FCHS Administrative team has shared with our community resources put out by the district. Some of these resources can be found here and here. Information was shared with parents at a PTSA meeting as well as information shared via the “News You Choose” weekly e-newsletter. The dangers of vaping/ Juuling are also covered in Health classes where teachers have an opportunity to discuss it in smaller settings. The district also approved a change to the SR&R last June (adding that possession / use of can result in disciplinary action) to address the increased use of e-cigarettes/ vaping devices seen throughout FCPS. Our own staff are also working with law enforcement to create and deliver a PSA on the risks and dangers of vaping/Juuling/ other drug use. In addition, FCPS is working to develop an additional instructional program for juniors this year to develop their awareness of the dangers of vaping and other drugs.
  3. Has the administration seen an increase of drug- and vaping-related incidences inside and outside of school?
    • Yes. While the district saw a significant increase in use last school year, FCHS did not see an increase until this school year.
  4. Does the administration believe there has been an impact on the academic performance of the student body as Juuling and vaping becomes more popular?
    • The use of any illegal drug use has the potential to have a damaging impact on academic performance. What the administrative staff has as a top priority is the safety of the students and the school environment. Purchase/ possession of nicotine vapor products by persons under age 18 is prohibited by Virginia law. Bringing illegal drugs onto school grounds and/or using these drugs endangers the well-being of both students and staff members. In addition, misconduct related to drugs diminishes the reputation of the school and the trust parents have in the safety of the school environment. We want our students and staff to feel safe here each day.