Kris Kringle’s Secret Santa

By Charles Thompson, Staff Writer

Dear Santa,

I can see your face, it’s everywhere. 

I see it on sweaters, and hats resting on hair.

You spread the holiday season, you spread the holiday cheer,

You give us a reason to care for our peers.  

A reason to hope, a reason to say, “No time to mope on my favorite holiday.”  

With the festives about, and greeting the season,

you can hear people shout, “I have something to believe in.”

That feeling comes only once a year, savor it.


                                    A Good Boy

Speaking of saviors, whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Los Posadas, or even the Winter Solstice, the holiday season means one thing — surrounding yourself with loved ones and spreading holiday cheer.

But back to Santa. Obviously he isn’t an old man riding a sled that goes 1,800 miles per second. But he is something better, something…  jolly. He’s the holiday spirit of giving and joy. So why can’t Santa exist? If he’s a feeling, a feeling we all know, a feeling we all have felt, why can’t Santa be us?  The ones who fill the stockings, the ones who wrap the presents, the ones who will pretend to be him to spread joy to our children?

I mean, we eat the man’s cookies, so we might as well call ourselves Santa, if only for an eve.