Lack of Field Trips Trip Up Students

By Erin Rodriguez-Morgana, Staff Writer

School field trips have been a staple in America’s public education system for as long as most can remember. Elementary schools give students the opportunity to participate in class trips to their local zoo, museum, or historical site. Teachers and administrators tend to favor and encourage school trips because they know that they can impact students in a positive manner. Despite all the proven benefits of field trips, few high school students are given the opportunity to go on field trips due to a lack of funding.

“Unlike some students who simply want an excuse to get out of class, I think field trips [help me] learn something new,” Ellie Thatcher (12) says, “As a second semester senior in high school, it’d be super convenient to visit different college campuses.”

According to the Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies, school trips enhance a student’s comprehension and learning abilities, thus, enabling them to be academically successful. Although some parents and teachers may argue that they’re a waste of classroom time, field trips allow students to fully engage and create a personal connection with the curriculum. They play a major role in a student’s development because they expose students to new people, cultures, and beliefs. For example, school  trips to college campuses allow seniors to gain a sense of college life and their potential career paths. Also, they mold individuals who possess stronger critical-thinking skills and exhibit empathy towards their peers.

“My AVID class took a trip to James Madison University last year,” says Kimberly Perez-Sejas (12), “It was the first field trip I had taken in a long time, and the information we were provided gave me a huge sense of relief because I was nervous about applying for college the upcoming year.”

High schools tend to offer less field trip opportunities even though their students can benefit the most from the real-life experiences that field trips have to offer. Field trips provide students with a better understanding of class content, therefore, teachers and parents should do everything in their power to make more opportunities for field trips in school.