Lax Team Lacks Players

By Curran Gilster, Managing Editor

The boys lacrosse program has a shortage of players. Earlier in the season, there were worries that they wouldn’t be able to field a team. But currently the Junior Varsity team has 20 players and the Varsity team has 18 players putting the program at a disadvantage for the year. Schools like Marshall have JV teams that number in the low 30's, which is comparable to the whole lacrosse program here.

“Lacrosse can be a very expensive sport and some boys couldn’t afford to play on the team this year,” says JV lacrosse coach Chris Phillips. “With everything the athletes need to buy, it could be up to $1,000 in sports equipment.” Another reason for the low interest may be the athletic abilities required, including hand-eye coordination. “The skills are difficult at first but get easier as time goes on,” said midfielder Nic Gumm (12). “Some players that were here on the first day ended up quitting because it was too hard.”

The coaches have resorted to asking their players to recruit. Announcements were also made during lunches to appeal to students to join the team. “I didn’t really go to tryouts. I just saw that they needed players so I asked the coach if I could play,” said Kevin Dang (9). These pleas for help resulted in five new players.

Even with the unfavorable conditions, hopes are still high. “I think we can do some good things this year,” said defenseman Jack Forsyth (12). “We are willing to put in the work as a team and we hope to see results.”

But with so few players, what does the future entail?

“If we didn’t get a JV team this year, that could’ve led to us not having a varsity team next year,” Coach Phillips says. “And we need to train these boys to be ready for varsity if they continue lacrosse.”