“Marvel’s Spider-Man” Swings Its Way to Acclaim

By Leonel Veizaga, Staff Writer

Video games and perfection. Those two words rarely go together, but one game has been making the rounds throughout nearly all of social media to this day, and that game revolves around everyone’s favorite web-slinging superhero.

Developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, “Marvel’s Spider-Man” sold 3.3 million copies after just three days of being on sale, making it the fastest selling first-party PlayStation title, according to Variety.com. The game has also been hailed by many as the greatest Spider-Man game to be released since Treyarch’s “Spider-Man 2” back in 2004.

“It’s an absolute blast being able to swing through such a lifelike replica of New York City,” says Cameron Farmer (11). “It’s a great breath of fresh air after all the mediocre Spider-Man games that were released beforehand.”

Insomniac’s product is in fact their first attempt at bringing the character to life in gaming format. Before they had the chance to work on their Spider-Man game, other developers such as Activision, Treyarch, and Beenox took their own stabs at reinventing the fantastical world of the old web-head by making a video game that perfectly encapsulates the significance and essence of Peter Parker.

However, fans of the beloved superhero have pointed out that these games only got one or two aspects of Spider-Man right, whether it be the way the character is written, the mechanics behind his combat and swinging, or how accurate New York City looks. Fortunately, it looks like most of the Spider-Man fan-base seems very content with this latest interpretation of the hero, hailing it as the most accurate representation in gaming history.

Evan Filarca, a popular YouTuber within the Spider-Man community who has provided online coverage of the game since it was announced, agrees. “‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ is, in my opinion, the greatest game to be released this year, and the definitive Spider-Man game. Insomniac got everything right, from the writing and storytelling to the traversal and the combat. Not to mention the fact that extra content in the form of new missions is available for download on the PlayStation Store. They couldn’t have set the bar any higher.”

And that bar will stay there until a worthy successor arrives.