Could A “High School Musical” TV Series be  “The Start of Something New”?

By Ashley Rodriguez-Pena

Culture Editor

Calling all Wildcats! High School Musical is back.

Sort of. When the first movie of the High School Musical trilogy came out in 2006, there was an outpour of love by Disney fans everywhere. A decade later, a reboot in the form of a TV series was confirmed, and on February 15, 2019, Disney tweeted a picture of the cast for the new series “High School Musical: The Musical.”

Adam Ashley (11) was one of the acting hopefuls who auditioned when Disney held open casting calls from April 18 to May 2 of last year. “They said I looked too old. That was usually the case,” he said.

The central plot of “High School Musical: The Musical” surrounds singing high schoolers auditioning for their school’s theatre winter production. Major drama and a lot of ups and downs is to be expected as the series unfolds through the perspective of one character. The show will only be accessible on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney +, which is set to be available sometime this year.  

News of the TV series sent fans into a frenzy. “They’re trying to make such an amazing movie into something less than what it is. It’s too hard to replicate such a good movie into a TV show,” says Maureen Keating (10).

Fan Lizzie Nguyen (11) highly anticipated the return of the original cast because of the irreplaceable connection between the cast members. “We have grown along with the original actors- using new and much younger actors in the musical will alienate the core fan base of HSM,” she says.

Though excited over the prospect of the series, the cast has shut down any rumors of a return. All but one. Bart Johnson, the actor who played Coach Bolton in the movies, is very enthusiastic about re-joining the Wildcat family. As for Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and others? Fans can keep their fingers crossed for the original cast to get their heads back in the game, even if it is by merely guest starring.

The main characters of the “High School Musical: The Musical” are love interests Ricky and Nini; self-proclaimed princess Gina; musical choreographer Vikram; the new girl in town, Ashlyn; and Ricky’s supportive best friend, Big Red. Joshua Basset, cast as Ricky, now has the chance to strip away Troy Bolton’s title of “heartthrob.” While it may be difficult to replace the beloved 2000s cast, the new batch of East Wild Cats presents a promising future “breaking free” from the past.