Reasons for Crew: A Slew


By Adam Bihi, Staff Writer

Most adolescents, at one time or another, venture into the world of high school athletics. Schools make it easy by offering common sports such as football, basketball, and baseball, but those who want to try less common sports like bowling, hockey, and water polo are out of luck. It’s time for our school to embrace less common sports, starting with crew.

In the sport, eight people displace water with oars to propel a boat forward. Its origins date back to the 1700s when rowers would race on the Thames river in the United Kingdom. As time went on, the sport increased in popularity, and its fan base grew so big that it became an official Olympic Sport in the 1900s. The most notable even associated with the sport is the annual Henley Royal Regatta, which is regarded as the “Super Bowl of Crew.”

Other schools in the county, like Fairfax, Oakton, Justice, Robinson, Woodson, McLean, Madison, all have crew teams. It only makes sense that we have one ourselves, right?

Crew is a sport that takes time to become successful in and teaches accountability, among other qualities. It builds character and leaders that know how to communicate effectively with others.

Not only does crew bring out positive characteristics out of its athletes, but it’s also a gateway to college. Prestigious universities like Harvard and Yale have crew teams in the Intercollegiate Rowing Association. With hard work and dedication, every rower has a chance of receiving a rowing scholarship that can open many doors and make new connections. Students will have a chance to be a part of well-known programs and make a legacy for themselves that can be passed on from generation to generation. Even if students don't continue crew in college, it’s worthwhile to mention on college applications.

As with all sports, crew offers a chance to be a part of something special. All the hours of hard work result in students making lifelong friends. It’s amazing what students with positive mindsets and hard-working attitudes can accomplish.