“Rocketman” Shoots for the Stars

By Christian North, Staff Writer

Timeless lyrics and music that has stayed popular throughout the years. This is the legacy of musician Elton John, and it is permanently engraved in history by the new biopic Rocketman starring Taron Egerton.

Rocketman tells the life of Elton John and the highs and lows of his life as he goes from nobody to making millions and being world famous. Though skipping some important parts of the singers history the movie tells a gripping story that couldn’t have turned out better since Elton John himself was the executive producer.

Each actor in the movie does a fantastic job portraying their character especially Taron Egerton who gave an Oscar worthy portrayal of the singer. Taron also went above and beyond by doing all of the singing in the movie by himself, and making it his own without butchering the music.

Where other biopics like Bohemian Rhapsody tell a butchered story of the musician while their music is integrated into the story Rocketman stands out by being a full blown musical. It gives the movie lots of personality and style are are easily one of the best parts of the entire movie.

Not everything is perfect, sadly. The beginning is a little slow and the child actors aren’t the best at singing the music. Also, there was lots of lost potential for more story that was heavily glossed over, such as when the gay singer married a woman.

Rocketman’s music is another excellent aspect that only makes it better. It consists of many of Elton John's best hits and turns them into visual spectacles that help move the story along without feeling unnecessary or overused. Also the viewer doesn’t need to be a fan of Elton John to find enjoyment in the story, music, or characters the movie does enough to make it a great movie.

Rocketman is a fantastic movie that appeals to more people than just Elton John fans. It is a kind of movie that is refreshingly unique and filled to the brim with good music. Rocketman is a personal story and it is done better than anyone could have hoped for. Though it’s not perfect, it is good enough that everybody should see it at least once. Rocketman is most definitely deserving of a 9/10.