Spirit Rocks, but the Spirit Rock Doesn’t

Mia Federovich, Staff Writer

The neglected spirit rock sits next to the Paul Weber Stadium sign. With paint chipping off and color fading, the spirit rock hasn’t been updated in a long time. “I think the spirit rock could definitely use a touch-up,” says Vincent Tran (10), which is a popular opinion among his classmates.

Four years ago, Kendall Trautz (class of 15’) incorporated Falls Church’s spirit rock and Paul Weber sign into his Eagle Scout project. The rock was donated by the International Country Club in Chantilly before it was transported by Fairfax Trucking Inc. to Falls Church. Kendall also built the green Paul Weber sign that is to the right of the spirit rock. On the back, he put a small note that says, “this rock and sign is dedicated to student athletes of FCHS, past, present and, future.”

At other schools, their rock is a big part of their school spirit. Rockridge and Oakton High School have four rocks, one for each class. At Rockridge, freshman have the smallest rock with the sizes gradually increasing based on grade. What is painted on other schools’ rocks changes frequently throughout the school year; for example,“Beat FC” was written on Justice High School’s spirit rock around the time of the Bell Game in November.

Since the rock was placed, it has only been painted a few times. “Kendall wanted it to be painted regularly,” says Robert Krause, “but it never took off.” The last time the rock was painted was one year ago, by Coach Krause himself. Unfortunately, his artistic abilities have disappointed some.

“It’s pretty ugly,” said Vincent.

Jaguar Crew, a new club to promote fan involvement in sports, has plans to paint the rock before the end of the school year. The club wants to start regularly painting the rock. Anyone can paint the rock if they propose their design to student activities, and Mrs. Kelly approves it.

A handful of students around the school are on board with painting the rock. “It may also be a way to get other students involved,” says Arwen Cadima (9).

Seniors in the past have had the opportunity to paint paw prints near the bleachers. Phoebe Cho (12) suggests that the senior class should paint the rock approaching graduation. “It would be fun to come back and see how much it has changed.”