Student Rapper Kidd Kenny sweeps FCHS

By Quinn Padovani, Staff Writer

Kenneth Than (11), who goes by his stage name Kidd Kenny, is an up and coming rapper who is going viral around Northern Virginia. He has amassed over 60,000 plays on SoundCloud and is best known for his songs “Pick Glock Shawty,” “Lame,” and “Playground Freestyle.”

Kenny started rapping in 7th grade as a way to cope with stressful situations.

“I didn’t know I was good until people started to take note and actually tell me,” he said. “In 8th grade, I started to take interest in making music, and it all sort of took off from there.”

In rap, he explains, the beat is the backbone of the song, and it takes a long time to produce because of the amount and complexity of sounds.  

“My friend Avit usually makes my beats, or I just find one off of YouTube,” says Kenny. “Either way, I am very picky in choosing my beats.”

He is most proud of his single “Stars,” which has resonated with listeners.

“It was a Valentine’s Day song that I made for people who felt alone, or not cared for on that day, or any other day,” he said.

“People always ask me who or what a song is about,” said Kenny. “But if you just listen to the lyrics, you’ll hear the story.”