Taking a Trip to Wonderland

By Leonel Veizaga, Staff Writer

You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret: all the best people are,” said Lewis Carroll, the author of the enormously influential novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This couldn’t be closer to the truth for the FCHS Spotlight Theatre Company. Having done four different shows over the course of three days after months of preparation, the theatre department was determined to pour all of its effort into bringing the wondrous and nonsensical tale to life. And it surely delivered.

“I wanted to be sure that every moment that they were on stage was beautiful,” said Theatre Arts Director Mrs. Beth De Marco. Mrs. De Marco was in charge of directing the Alice play, and she believed nothing could stop opening night from succeeding. “I’m really proud of them; the things they do with their characters are great and the design elements are fantastic, so I’m very happy with what we’ve done.”

One of the crew members who helped with the production of Alice is Aya Nguyen (10). “I was the head of the running crew, which meant that I had to help move all the sets around,” Aya said. “The pieces are so heavy and oftentimes, they’re capable of making so much noise, so it was hard to keep quiet when Mrs. De Marco needed us to be.” However, those issues didn’t dissuade the crew from doing their jobs and maintaining strong bonds with each other. “Communication is important in team building, you just have to be clear with one another and everything should run smoothly.”

Taking on the role of the colorful Mad Hatter, Patrick Kearney’s (12) attitude towards his final production here was nothing short of carefree. “I think I’m most proud of the chemistry that everybody gives each other on stage, just because everybody interacts so well when they get into their characters,” he said.

To Patrick, involving oneself in anything to do with theatre, whether it be directing or acting, requires that you have fun doing it. “It’s a pain if you don’t want to do it, but end up doing it anyway,” he said. “It ends up becoming a chore, so don’t treat it like one and just have fun with it all.”