Hannah Chromicz

Staff Writer

The School System- Hannah Chromicz

The public education system is setting students up to do poorly in the future because of their teaching methods and curriculum.

Many teaching practices lack diversity and are outdated. This is because the set curriculum is more focused on teaching facts on a certain subject rather than teaching children to think creatively. Even though students are learning new information, they aren't learning to develop their skills which could be useful for their future. Students learn facts that can be searched up online and even though they are important to learn, they aren’t as necessary as learning to solve problems that technology can't.

Public education puts an unnecessary amount of pressure on students who could also be struggling with other problems such as poor mental health, body image, family issues, sexuality, etc. According to the media company, The Edvocate, student spend more than 500 hours of school year on assignments that weren’t appropriate for their grade and not relevant to their future. These assignments contribute to their deteriorating health. When the phrase “why does school make me...” is searched, the top results are sad, tired, depressed, anxious, cry, and feel stupid. These searches further prove that certain teaching methods harm and not help adolescents. Students could also continue to not have good mental health when they grow up.

Students also have to go through the pressure of picking a college, finding a job, and just becoming an adult. Sometimes a student thinks that doing well in school means they will do well in life but it's not that way for everybody. Georgetown University says that 30% of job offerings will require some college education or an associate degree meaning that in the near future, all the unimportant facts and excessive stress students put on themselves to get great grades won't matter as much as someone who can work hard and solve problems.