Tradition! Tradition!

By Ashley Rodriguez, Staff Writer

How many chicken nuggets can you eat? One Friday a month, Model UN members dress formally and go to McDonald’s of all places, to order 100 chicken nuggets.

“We don’t usually finish them all,” says President of Model UN Raegan Middleton (11), “but it’s a good way to build camaraderie among the club members.” After eating, they head off to their local conference where they role-play delegates and simulate UN committees.

There are countless clubs like Model UN that help students unwind. Whether they have been around for a long time, or are just starting up, clubs have all sorts of fun, quirky traditions. These traditions bring people together and make each club unique.

The Robotics club’s teamwork and communication is a huge part of their effort to build a massive robot. In the spring, they display their robot in the cafeteria to show off their hard work and promote the club. Students are invited to test drive the robots for themselves.

Young Life, a Christian-based club that fosters love and friendship among students and staff members, goes to a week-long camp every summer and hosts a yearly “Holiday Hoopla,” where club members partake in scavenger hunts and a white elephant party.

During the month of Ramadan, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) hosts a Mic Night where members perform powerful poetry and speeches. Club member Zain Abid (11) embraces the club’s strong purpose “to inform people about Islam and to show that we are humans just like everyone else.”

Other groups that aren’t clubs also dwell in the spirit of traditions. Photojournalism students create the Jaguar Yearbook, which includes lasting mementos of high school, along with  senior superlatives and baby pictures. And Leadership class gets people out of their comfort zones by encouraging them to dress up for spirit days, dance at pep rallies, or run for office.

Traditions are one of a kind and give students the chance to feel included, which only enhances their high school experiences. Which club will you join this year?