Which Walker is Which?

By Natalie Ingalls, Layout and Design Editor

How can one person be in the counselor’s office and the music wing at the same time? The answer is that one teacher is actually two, a sibling duo that even confuses other staff members. “He’s Jacob, I’m Colton,” said Counselor Mr. Colton Walker. “But for most students it’s Mr. Walker, Mr. Walker. One and two maybe.”

Stationed in the music wing is the older Mr. Jacob Walker. Aer working in an elementary school, he came here in 2012. While he loves all his classes, which include Guitar 1, Guitar Ensemble, Music Production, and AP Music Theory, Guitar 1 is special for him to teach. “I took [Guitar 1] when I was in high school, and it showed me that I had things to offer as a musician.” Inspired by his high school music teacher, he hopes to do the same with his students.

On the other side of the building, inside Student Services, is the younger Mr. Walker’s office. Although he is a counselor today, helping kids with college and job planning, he didn’t know what he wanted to be until aer college. “I’m sure at some point I wanted to be a marine biologist; I probably wanted to be a professional hockey player.”

“Surprisingly, working together doesn’t seem to be a big deal,” said counselor Mr. Walker, “I almost never see him. I think we’ve run into each other a couple of times.”

Occasionally though, they will get sent the wrong emails, or people will mistake one for the other. “I get that we look alike,” said counselor Mr. Walker, but the two agree that they don’t look like twins.

They are alike in other ways, though. “We’re both outdoorsy — hiking, biking, and we both grew up playing hockey. We hang out a lot outside of work.” Maybe even too alike. When asked what quality differentiates each, Colton Walker could only say, “I’m taller.”

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